Trump Ends DACA

Statement by David Garcia, Democratic candidate for Governor

Phoenix, September 5, 2017: During the Obama years, a long-awaited and desperately needed immigration reform continually failed in Congress due to historic Republican obstruction. President Obama, pushed by a courageous and dynamic group of immigrant youth and in the face of legislative intransigence, granted administrative relief to these young people we call DREAMers. DACA was literally the least we could do as a nation for these amazing leaders.

These young people have changed me. They are ultimately the best of what America aspires to be: hopeful, brave, selfless, curious and strong. The termination of DACA is heartbreaking and is an especially dark stain on an already failed and dangerous Trump administration.

But we will not despair. The same tenacity and grit our immigrant community showed when it won DACA will win out in this moment too. We will survive and even thrive in these turbulent times. We will not quit and we will not go backwards.




  1. How can illegal immigrants win anything when they have no rights to vote for anything?

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