Garcia Leads Ducey in New Poll

Garcia displays impressive strength in head-to-head with Gov

Phoenix, June 12, 2017: Recent polling conducted by Public Policy Polling shows Democratic candidate for Governor David Garcia topping Doug Ducey in a hypothetical 2018 General Election matchup and handily winning the Democratic primary.

Garcia, a teacher, and Army veteran, beats Ducey 44%-42% with 14% undecided. Ducey similarly performs poorly on job performance (36% approve/45% disapprove) and with the overall direction of the state (33% right track/52% wrong track).

In a Democratic primary match up, Garcia defeats less well-known state legislator Steve Farley by a wide margin: 53% to 11% (37% undecided).

“Arizona voters are sick and tired of the same old, insider, special interest politics that ignore the problems faced by regular families,” said Garcia. “They want somebody they can trust, and who will stand up for strong public schools, good jobs, and government transparency. I’m going to spend the next 17 months speaking to those issues and fighting for Arizona working families.”

The poll was conducted from June 7 to June 8 and sampled 1,020 Arizona likely voters, with an oversample of 407 Democratic primary voters. The General Election poll has a margin of error of +/- 3.1%. The primary election poll has a margin of error of +/- 4.9%.

The General Election sample was 47% Trump voters/ 41% Clinton voters [2016 AZ Results: 48.1% Trump/44.6% Clinton]. The sample was 34% Democrat, 40% Republican and 26% Independent/Other; 53% Female, 47% Male and 75% White, 18% Latino, and 7% Other.