Garcia calls on Ducey to disclose all contacts with indicted lobbyist and developer

Phoenix, May 26th, 2017: Candidate for Governor David Garcia today called on Doug Ducey to disclose all meetings, emails, and other communications between his office and the lobbyist and developer at the heart of a Corporation Commission scandal.

Today’s story in the Arizona Republic says that indicted lobbyist Jim Norton “has a close personal friendship” with Ducey (1), and indicted developer George Johnson was a generous contributor to Ducey’s 2014 campaign (2).

In addition, Ducey and the son of Gary Pierce, the also indicted former Corporation Commission chair, were both beneficiaries of Arizona Free Enterprise Club dark money campaign expenditures in 2014, according to the Republic (3).

“We need to get to the bottom of this web of corruption and determine how deeply the Governor’s office is involved,” said Garcia spokesman Bill Scheel.

Scheel noted that Norton lobbies for, and is on the Board of Directors of, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry (4), which is widely acknowledged to be driving Ducey’s policy agenda at the Arizona legislature, including cutting corporate taxes, challenging the state’s new minimum wage law, and making it more difficult to refer legislative matters to the ballot.

Scheel said the first step is for the Governor to disclose all records related to meetings and communications between himself, his staff members, Norton, Johnson, and Pierce. “We need to know how the Governor’s office was involved with Norton, Pierce, Johnson and his development empire,” said Scheel.

Scheel said a campaign representative would be filing a public records request for visitor logs, meeting minutes, phone logs, emails, and any other records related to the Governor’s office interactions with Norton, Johnson, and Pierce.