You can reach us by visiting our office, giving us a call or filling out the form below.

Campaign Headquarters:
530 E McDowell Road
Suite 107-429
Phoenix, AZ 85004

(623) 239-2738

  • E.V. Debs

    I’m looking forward to seeing Doug Ducey evicted from office. I think he has had a corrupt relationship with the for-profit prison industry, among others. I wish your campaign the best.

  • Mary McGuirk

    I was ready to mail when we spoke Meghan. delighted to hear your insight to David’s passion for helping Arizona. thank you for joining us at I have sent out the email I mentioned only to find out it was blocked by almost everyone’s spam filters…now working on figuring out how to make a google group so they are not blocked. I will try to send a copy to you individually.

  • Christine Korthaus

    The “contact us” page says we can call but I don’t see a phone number anywhere. Am I missing something? I have questions about your stance on some other issues.