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Our current Superintendent of Public Instruction has given up on public schools.
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David’s Arizona Education Plan

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Latino Education Candidates Meet & Greet

Oct 22, 2014
Time: 5:30pm - 7:00pm

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  • Arizona can no longer afford to sit back and wait on our current leadership to understand the severity of our education woes. Our dismal rankings, disengaged youths and startling education gap will never be fixed by mediocrity at the top. This is why I am enthusiastically endorsing David Garcia for Superintendent of Public Instruction. David isn’t a career politician. He’s an educator, a bold leader who has both the vision to succeed and the expertise to turn vision into policy. Fred DuVal - candidate for Arizona Governor
  • Dr. Garcia is the type of educational leader Arizona needs. We are tired of politicians who neither understand the needs of Arizona students nor share a vision of supporting the right to learn for all of Arizona's children at the highest level. David will challenge all of us to provide education for our children that will truly prepare them for the future. It is not enough to raise the standards. We need vision for the future. Today's kindergartners must be prepared for jobs and occupations that do not exist yet. Jeff Thomas - Associate Superintendent, Scottsdale Unified School District
  • Ask any politician in Arizona and they will say they are for education. Yet our outcomes don't show the commitment politicians say they have. We can continue doing what we've always done and we will continue to receive abysmal results. David Garcia represents a step in the right direction for education in Arizona. If you are serious about education, you must support Dr. David Garcia -- Arizona's best hope for an educational renaissance. Lorenzo Sierra
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